A Winery that Honors Tradition and Embraces Innovation

Vigna Nesso is born, a reinterpretation of the winery that is respectful and conscious of resources, preserving the construction techniques and local materials that characterize the vernacular constructions of the area. 
The winery is not just a tasting space but also a space for total immersion in the wine experience throughout its process. Understanding the space as "being constantly in the vineyard", the building as an integrated and integrating space in nature. Erasing the boundaries between the winery and the vineyard is the first premise of Vigna Nesso, which is achieved by differentiating the project between serving spaces and served spaces. Creating a support that efficiently and compactly houses the serving spaces allows the interior of the building to be freed, achieving a completely open and flexible space.
The project is understood as a support formed by two longitudinal blocks that condense structure, facilities, and serving spaces; opening the interior space as a large open space where anything can happen. The liberation of this space not only allows for versatility of use but also presents itself as a physical and visual union between the existing and new vineyards, inhabiting the union and functioning as a programmatic nexus. Using the slope of the terrain between the vineyards as a project tool and an opportunity to maximize the connection. Taking advantage of this slope to create a tiered staircase that functions as a meeting space and viewpoint, reinforcing the relationship between the winery and the viticultural landscape.

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